Orchester des Wandels - "Orchestras of Change"

Climate protection? That’s music to our ears!

We are musicians of professional orchestras in Germany.
We play for our planet Earth.
Sounds good? We think so too!
Welcome to the “Orchestras of Change”!

Our Upcoming Concerts

Our Orchestras

*Our member orchestras are private associations of the musicians and not the public legal form of the respective orchestras.

Art is the driving force of all culture. If it slackens, culture as a whole, science, religion and all its other elements become destitute. Art is therefore never an end in itself. Even if its bearers are sometimes not aware of it: Their work is of the utmost importance.

Meinhard Miegel

Our Idea

As musicians, we view protection of our world as part of our cultural mission. We strive to be active in this mission and to confront the climate crisis in creative ways through music. We want to use the emotional power of music to reach and inspire people.

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Madagascar Project

The Illegal cutting and trade of precious woods is a major global problem, and in some places contributes to the disappearance of, or threat to, entire ecosystems. Some of these threatened woods are used for our instruments. So the protection of these woods and their ecosystems lies near to our hearts.

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18. July 2021
Orchestra of the Staatsoperette Dresden records for „EARTH•CHOIR•KIDS – Unsere Stimmen für das Klima“

Our member orchestra, the Orchestra of the Staatsoperette Dresden recently recorded three songs for the project "EARTH•CHOIR•KIDS - Our voices for the climate". EARTH•CHOIR•KIDS is a project by the songwriter Reinhard Horn, which aims to make children and young people aware of the issue of climate through music: creative, powerful and committed.

24. June 2021
New Photo Gallery!

In May, musicians from 22 of our member orchestras met in Berlin to be a part of the first major musical project of "Orchester des Wandels": a CD recording under the baton of Thomas Guggeis and with the soprano Sarah Aristidou in the old Funkhaus Berlin and the state opera "Unter den Linden". Daniel Häker, a member of the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra and photographer, accompanied the project and created a photo series that portrays the musicians in close relation to a small olive tree. This symbolizes our main project, the reforestation of ebony in Madagascar.

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23. June 2021
Duisburger Philharmoniker Nature Rally on June 27

In September 2020, ensembles of the Duisburger Philharmoniker played music as part of Climate Workshop#1 "For a thriving Duisburg" and presented their collaborations with nature conservation initiatives in the city. The proceeds of this concert went to the benefit of the association "Naturwerkstatt e.V." Together with Martin Scholz Naturwerkstatt e.V. we are now organizing a nature rally for families at the Sechs-Seen-Platte in Duisburg on June 27. This will be held as part of the project "Fruit Trees between Orient and Occident", for which the association received an award from UNESCO in 2013. On a tour, participating families will explore the forest and learn about the connections between music, nature and climate protection.



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