Orchester des Wandels - "Orchestras of Change"

Climate protection? That’s music to our ears!

We are musicians of professional orchestras in Germany.
We play for climate, nature and species protection.
Sounds good? We think so too!
Welcome to the “Orchestras of Change”!

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*Our member orchestras are private associations of the musicians and not the public legal form of the respective orchestras.

Art is the driving force of all culture. If it slackens, culture as a whole, science, religion and all its other elements become destitute. Art is therefore never an end in itself. Even if its bearers are sometimes not aware of it: Their work is of the utmost importance.

Meinhard Miegel

Our Idea

As musicians, we view protection of the climate, nature and species as part of our cultural mission. We strive to be active in this mission and to confront the current crisis in creative ways through music. We want to use the emotional power of music to reach and inspire people.

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Conservation Projects

The illegal cutting and trade of precious woods is a major global problem, and in some places contributes to the disappearance of, or threat to, entire ecosystems. Some of these threatened woods are used for our instruments, so the protection of these woods and their ecosystems lies near to our hearts. To ensure that this protection has a lasting effect, our projects focus on ecology, economy and social issues for the local people.

Madagascar Project

Brazil Project


18. April 2024
ARAPONGA – our Brazil Project with the association Eben!Holz e.V. for the protection of pernambuco wood has begun

Thanks to the great preparation by the Eben!Holz e.V. association, our joint project for the comprehensive protection of the tree that is so important to us musicians is underway. This project was named after the ARAPONGA bird species that is typical of the Mata Atlantica. Its cry is considered to be the loudest bird call in the world. For this reason, this bird is the ideal ambassador to symbolize the urgency of protecting pernambuco.

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08. April 2024
Munich Concert is finalist in the European-Natura-2000 Awards: VOTE NOW!

We are delighted that the WWF concert with the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra has been nominated for the Natura 2000 Award. With the concert "Magic of the Isar" last year, we celebrated the unique wild river landscape of the Upper Isar with music. Along the Upper Isar, one can still see how an alpine river constantly re-forms its bed, how it branches out, accumulates open gravel areas and then overflows again. The only constant in wild river landscapes is change, which creates countless niches for special animal and plant species. We want to preserve and improve this valuable Natura 2000 area, especially the habitat types of the "Alpine rivers".

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01. March 2024
We are 40!

We are happy to announce that we have reached 40 member orchestras! Our newest members include the Münchner Symphoniker, the Bielefelder Philharmoniker and the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen. Welcome!

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