Orchester des Wandels - "Orchestras of Change"

Climate protection? That’s music to our ears!

We are musicians of professional orchestras in Germany.
We play for climate, nature and species protection.
Sounds good? We think so too!
Welcome to the “Orchestras of Change”!

Our Upcoming Concerts

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Our Orchestras

*Our member orchestras are private associations of the musicians and not the public legal form of the respective orchestras.

The initiative “Orchester des Wandels” I find not only very interesting, but also special and extraordinarily important.

Claudio Abbado

Our Idea

As musicians, we view protection of the climate, nature and species as part of our cultural mission. We strive to be active in this mission and to confront the current crisis in creative ways through music. We want to use the emotional power of music to reach and inspire people.

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Conservation Projects

The illegal cutting and trade of precious woods is a major global problem, and in some places contributes to the disappearance of, or threat to, entire ecosystems. Some of these threatened woods are used for our instruments, so the protection of these woods and their ecosystems lies near to our hearts. To ensure that this protection has a lasting effect, our projects focus on ecology, economy and social issues for the local people.

Madagascar Project

Brazil Project


13. July 2024
Visit from Madagascar

In the week from July 8th to 14th, a delegation from the Wildlife Conservation Society Madagascar visited Munich to present the projects supported by Orchester des Wandels and to report on their progress. Chantal MILINA, Sinto AIMÉ and Hasina RABE, who all work as WCS Madagascar project coordinators in the Masoala region, gave comprehensive insight into how successfully and purposefully the conservation projects are being implemented and what challenges need to be overcome.

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23. May 2024
News Report from Madagaskar

Planting, Weeding and Maintenance: 14,610 new trees were planted in the first quarter of 2024. Here is the most recent news from our Madagaskar Project.

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27. April 2024
Musicians of the Würzburg Philharmonic auction house concerts to benefit Orchester des Wandels

Now you can bid and experience the musicians of the Würzburg Philharmonic Orchestra in your living room! The income from the auctioned house concerts supports our reforestation projects in Madagascar and Brazil. Bidding from April 29 - May 9, 2024.

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