Musicians of Stegreif - The Improvising Symphony Orchestra

We are an improvising symphony orchestra of 30 young international musicians who open up new paths to classical music for ourselves and audiences. With our recompositions of classical works, we are constantly expanding the valued musical repertoire with contemporary trends. We always play without a conductor, without sheet music or chairs and use the freedom we gain for improvisation and movement. Musical spontaneity and performative intensity offer the audience a new, approachable concert experience. The audience freely shapes the space - the concert hall, the auditorium, the tiers, everything becomes a stage. The material of the classical compositions is enriched by the varying musical influences and backgrounds of our musicians. A lively approach to making music together and making music tangible for the audience emerges.

On- and off-stage, Impromptu stands for a collective way of working. We would like to replace the traditionally strictly hierarchical structures of the orchestra world with collaborative processes. In the field of music, collective creative processes have been a rarity and the prejudice persists that democratic work in an orchestra is not possible. It is important to us to explore and establish new forms of (collective) cooperation and to encourage other groups to do so. This enables us to better exploit the potential of a group and solve conflicts differently.

The careful treatment of ourselves, our (environmental) world and our art is an essential part of our identity. As an orchestra, we therefore see ourselves as a social player: we combine our musical work with interactive mediation formats and we are passionately committed to sustainable developments with projects such as "#bechange - 17 sounds of sustainability". We are shaped by the values: mission - instead of distraction, dynamic decision - instead of paralysis, wisdom - instead of ego, appreciating differences - instead of ignoring them, responsible freedom - instead of rigid rules and space for energy - instead of time pressure.

Past climate concerts of Stegreif - The Improvising Symphony Orchestra

12. February 2023
#BECHANGE: Thinking

Dresden, 6:00 p.m. Progress? Status quo? Or a step backwards? #bechange: Thinking, the third program in the Stegreif Orchestra's #bechange series, tells of times of departure and deceleration and asks about the value of omnipresent innovation.

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11. November 2022
New Songs from the Earth

Berlin, October 27 - November 11. 8:00 p.m. Today, Mahler's orchestral song cycle is set in a world in which artists of all countries and languages have to deal with global environmental destruction and war. But instead of saying goodbye to this world, we want to think further about Mahler's work: how can this "song" sound today and who would sing it?

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