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As a founding member of "Orchester des Wandels Deutschland e.V." (Orchestra of Change Germany), the Bremer Philharmoniker takes on the challenge of assuming responsibility for climate protection as a professional orchestra and as part of the large community of musicians worldwide. Just as music resounds across national borders and nationalities and is shared across the world, we share the responsibility for our earth and our climate. We would like to make this tangible in our climate concerts. For these concerts, we have sought out special venues and cooperation partners in order to shed light on the topic of climate protection with technical expertise, while at the same time presenting interesting and diverse concerts.

As one of the world's most traditional orchestras with a history stretching back almost 200 years, the Bremer Philharmoniker is distinguished by its musical range in concert and opera, as well as its long-term commitment to children and young people. The "Musikwerkstatt” (Music Workshop) was founded in 2002 as a place where children and young people in particular, but also people of all ages, are introduced to the world of orchestral music and can try out orchestral instruments for themselves. In the new series "The Music Workshop in Nature", the environment is explored sonically, creating a whole new experience of nature.

Together with the citizens of Bremen and all the musicians of the Bremer Philharmoniker, we hope to use our many more ideas and concerts to create resounding support for climate protection for the benefit of our earth.

Climate Concerts of the Bremer Philharmoniker

03. June 2023
Weekend for the Climate

Bremen, from 2:30 p.m. Musicians across Bremen devote a weekend to the topic of climate protection/sustainability and explore it in a creative and colorful way. Concerts and events are planned with the Bremen Philharmonic, the Musikwerkstatt, the Bremen Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Young Theater Bremen, the Helmholtz Climate Initiative and other guests.

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Past Climate Concerts of the Bremer Philharmoniker

26. March 2022
The Beethoven Expedition

Übersee-Museum Bremen, 7:00 p.m. Experience Beethoven paired with the research of prominent climate experts in the unique ambience of the Übersee-Museum Bremen.

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28. November 2021
Science meets Tanja Tetzlaff

Sendesaal Bremen Tanja Tetzlaff and the Alfred Wegener Institute collaborate for an intimate evening fundraising for climate and environmental protection. Musical performances with Tanja and members of the Bremer Philharmoniker are woven around short lectures from leading scientists in the field.

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20. March 2021
Auction for Climate Protection

Bremen. Beginning February 21st, the Bremer Philharmoniker are offering four weeks of concerts and interactive events that can be purchased in two auctions.

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