Nationaltheater-Orchester Mannheim Musicians

The Nationaltheater-Orchester Mannheim (NTO) performs opera in one of the largest and oldest municipal repertory theaters in Germany. In particular, the work of Schiller and the connection to Mozart continue to shape the work at the Nationaltheater Mannheim (NTM) to this day. Outstanding artistic achievements make the NTM the flagship of the city of Mannheim and nationally one of the most important stages in Germany.

Since 1778, the musicians of the NTO have been organizing one of the oldest concert series in Germany, the Academy Concerts.. Among theater and symphony orchestras, the democratic structure of the Musikalische Akademie e.V. Association and the programmatic and financial autonomy that comes with it are unique. They are decisive for our artistic identity and self-confidence.

Cultural creation as the artists' own responsibility: this is a reality in Mannheim, and it has proven to be a successful and culturally sustainable concept!

We orchestral musicians are committed to cultivating our ecological heritage just as sustainably as our cultural heritage. Therefore, we have decided to become a founding member within the "Orchester des Wandels Deutschland e.V." and we are grateful to be able to join a large network of resources and capabilities. With this step we want to use our power to do something and to raise our voice together for the preservation of habitat and quality of life of our planet

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