Our Idea

As musicians, we view protection of our world as part of our cultural mission. We strive to be active in this mission and to confront the climate crisis in creative ways through music. We use the emotional power of music to reach and inspire people. Our goal is to join with our audiences and collaborate to create a sustainable living society, thereby preserving our planet as a place worth living for future generations.

To reduce our own carbon footprint, we are working with experienced experts and scientists to develop strategies to cut emissions and build awareness for credible CO2 compensation through a focus on music and culture. Our ongoing benefit concerts support a joint project in Madagascar as well as numerous regional projects.

In 2019, musicians from Berlin, Duisburg, Bremen and Braunschweig discovered their shared passion for climate protection and, along with other German professional musicians, founded Orchester des Wandels e.V ("Orchestra of Change”) in 2020. By expanding our network to include local scientific and civic organizations, we can share knowledge and experience while making our message visible and effective. Orchester des Wandels is based on an initiative by the musicians of the Berliner Staatskapelle, who organize annual climate concerts for international projects with the NaturTon foundation, created in 2009.


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