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The Staatsorchester Kassel (State Orchestra of Kassel) is the oldest continuously existing orchestra in Germany, originating from the court orchestra of the Prince of Hesse, first mentioned in 1502. For centuries it has been shaped through Hessian history and continues to be a mirror of its time.

In this respect, it is only logical that in the city of Kassel, which has committed itself to be climate neutral by 2030, we take up the issue of climate justice and try to do our part by joining Orchester des Wandels. We are happy to be part of this initiative!

Past climate concerts of the Staatsorchester Kassel

17. July 2023
Alpine Symphony and Climate Change

Kassel, 8:00 p.m. As part of a symphony concert with Strauss' Alpine Symphony, members of the Kassel State Orchestra use the connection to nature to address climate change in the Alps.On display will be images showing what glaciers around the Kasseler Hütte looked like in Strauss' time and how they have been decimated by climate change to this day.

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12. June 2023
Wandel(n) im Wald - A Stroll through Change

Kassel, 7:30 p.m. Together with forest researcher Friedrich Bohn from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig, we walk through the changing forest in this concert, addressing its vulnerability and also its opportunities. We are accompanied by musical flycatchers, crickets and fireflies to music by Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Hindemith, Rossini and others.

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29. October 2022

Kassel, 6:00 p.m. Exhibition Opening with Cornissimo Cassel and the German Alpine Association. Based on a summary of scientifically based findings and forecasts about the current situation globally and in the Alpine region, numerous examples will be used to show what this means for Alpine infrastructure, Alpine ecosystems, tourism, mobility and mountain sports.

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11. September 2022
A Musical Stroll in the Forest

Hessenschanze Kassel, 6:00 p.m. A two-hour walk in the Hessenschanze with Uwe Zindel, head of the forestry office in Wolfhagen. At various stations along the way, Cornissimo Cassel will play a variety of well-known works that invoke the sounds of the forest, nature and birds, while inviting you to get involved with the protection of it and its creatures.

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24. July 2022
Sounds of the Forest 2022: A scenic musical hike

Trechtingshausen, 11:00 a.m. Together we set off on an extraordinary adventure hike. Spanning four varied kilometers along the World Heritage Trail, musical selections performed by musicians of the Philharmonic State Orchestra Mainz from the times of Rhine Romanticism, Eastern Europe and present day awaits you, all sourcing the forest as inspiration.

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24. July 2022
Summer Music in Zukunftsdorf22

Plenumsdom Kassel, 4:00 p.m. As part of the "documenta fifteen" art exhibition, musicians from the Kassel State Orchestra will introduce "Orchester des Wandels" and present their projects alongside a varied musical program.

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24. April 2022
Change in the Forests

Stadthalle Kassel, 7:30 p.m. In cooperation with Hessen Forst and the ensemble Cornissimo Cassel: a chamber music evening with short lectures on the effects of climate change on the Hessian forests woven between the musical selections.

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21. March 2022
Climate Change in the Alps

Stadthalle Kassel, 8:00 p.m. Richard Strauss's Alpine Symphony, contains everything that fascinates mountaineers: waterfalls, pastures with cows, dangerous glaciers, marmots, thunderstorms and of course: the glorious arrival on the summit. Join the musicians of the Staatsorchester Kassel for an evening of alpine music and discussion about the impact of climate change on the mountains.

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