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Pernambuco is known to be the only type of wood that is suitable for making high-quality bows for string instruments. The existence of this wood, which is so important for us orchestral musicians, is limited to the Mata Atlantica region in Brazil. The number of pernambuco trees growing in their natural environment has now been so decimated that this type of wood is threatened with extinction.

Apart from the irreversible damage to a stable flora and fauna, this would also be a catastrophe for the world of music.

The existential threat to the pernambuco species makes it clear that every extinct species brings with it an irretrievable loss, be it for other living creatures, for the ecological balance or, as in this case, for cultural life around the globe.

In addition to our commitment to the reforestation of Madagascar's rainforests, which were also cleared for the construction of musical instruments, Eben!Holz and Orchester des Wandels have launched the ARAPONGA program.

Our Goals

1. The extinction of pernambuco and other woods used for musical instruments should be prevented through comprehensive protective measures

2. The number of trees living in their natural environment should be multiplied by

  • Replanting of particularly endangered species in existing protection zones
  • Expansion of protected zones
  • Deliberate planting of species for the making of musical instruments

SAVEBrasil is our strong and reliable local partner. SAVEBrasil has been active in the Mata Atlantica for many years, understands the conditions and knows how every euro can be invested wisely for our goals.

We would like to thank Eben!Holz for the excellent preparation and contribution towards this joint project.

Support us today with a donation to secure the future of this precious wood that resonates in the hands of millions of musicians!

ARAPONGA - A Fitting Project Name

The cry of this bird species, typical of the Mata Atlantica, is considered the loudest bird call in the world. For this reason, the ARAPONGA is the ideal ambassador to symbolize the urgency of protecting Pernambuco.

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