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Vibrant Diversity is deeply rooted in our programming: Unusual concert formats, cooperation with modern artists, film music concerts, baroque music, classical as well as romantic symphonic programs, concerts for children and teenagers and a series for pre-school children. Since its foundation in 1950 the NDR Radiophilharmonie is a musical ambassador of Hanover, Lower Saxony and North Germany and in this role we see it as our responsibility to bring environment and climate protection to the attention of our listeners. The wide social diversity of our audiences that our multifarious programming creates gives us a strong starting point from which to be ambassadors for the protection of our regional climates and species.

Even prior to joining Orchester des Wandels we took a stand with our open-air climate concert titled “Water On – Fighting Against Climate Change“ and a speaker from the Leibniz University in Hanover, speaking on the effects of climate change. From young to old we want to address everyone, indeed to win them over, and this is why we are currently planning further climate concerts in create inventive concert formats.

It is important for us to record and improve the ecological balance of the earth and we hope our commitment to this cause inspires also our audiences. As an orchestra that regularly tours both nationally and internationally, we intend to be more mindful of the reduction of climate destroying emissions. Avoidable flights will be replaced by train journeys and every tour will be planned carefully to be as culturally and ecologically efficient and sustainable as possible.

Past climate concerts of the NDR Radiophilharmonie

05. December 2023
Water is life!

Hannover, 6:00 p.m. Ensuring the availability and sustainable management of clean water will be a major challenge worldwide in the future. Against this background, from a geographical didactic perspective, it is necessary to contribute to raising awareness of a major change towards sustainable development. Musicians from the NDR Radiophilharmonie present selected pieces for the lecture by Prof. Dr. Christiane Meyer, head of the geography didactics department at the Institute for Natural Sciences Didactics at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

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03. July 2022
A musical picnic

Open-air, from classical to contemporary and with exceptional instrumentation, a diverse musical program will take place on July 3rd, 2022 on the site of the emerging ecovillage on Kronsberg — accompanied by exchange on the topics of sustainability, environmentally conscious living and resource-saving living together.

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