Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Musicians

The Deutsche Radio Philharmonie (DRP) is one of the major radio symphony orchestras of the ARD, supported jointly by the Saarländisches Rundfunk (SR) and the Südwestrundfunk (SWR). The DRP was formed in 2007 through the merging of the Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra and the SWR Radio Orchestra in Kaiserslautern. As the orchestra is located in the commuting area of ​​the SR and SWR broadcasting, it is actively involved in shaping musical life in the border triangle of Germany/France/Luxembourg. Recent tours have brought the orchestra to Switzerland, Poland, China and South Korea, among other places. Through new concert formats including the friday evening 1-hour "HIN UND HÖR!" programs, "DRP PUR" (conductorless oncerts) or the open air "SR-Klassik am See", the orchestra is constantly finding new ways to reach the audience. Additionally the DRP offers regular concert introductions and artist talks, moderated concerts, children's and youth concert series such as "Musik for Young Ears", "Orchestral playground", family concerts and digital music lessons, .

We musicians of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie see sustainability and climate protection as part of our cultural mission. Joining Orchester des Wandels gives us the opportunity to help shape the necessary social change.

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