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Who would have thought in 1893, at a time when industrialization was gaining momentum, that in the distant future the newly founded municipal orchestra would be concerned with environmental and climate issues? Probably nobody. Even 100 years later, hardly anyone would have thought that a large and well-known symphony orchestra, such as the Münchner Philharmoniker (Munich Philharmonic), would be dealing with these topics - after all, Sergiu Celibidache was General Music Director at the time and the orchestra was in demand worldwide. Staying conscious of tradition, orchestras often need at least as long as society as a whole to make important decisions. The initiative to take responsibility for the future of this planet only really got going in 2020, a few important and world-famous chief conductors later. In that year with the help of the "Ökoprofit" program, a team from the orchestra received training in sustainability, sought advice, developed new ecological concepts and has been involved in their implementation ever since. In addition, the Munich Philharmonic joined Orchester des Wandels in 2021 in order to promote the protection of the climate, nature and species along with the many other member orchestras.

We are happy to be a part of it!

Past Climate Concerts of the Münchner Philharmoniker

14. March 2023
The Magic of the Isar

Munich, 8:00 p.m. In an effort to to create connection to the Isar through music, the WWF Germany sponsors this evening concert in cooperation with the Munich Philharmonic, Munich based photographers and the nature filmmaker Jürgen Eichinger. The musicians have selected pieces that personally remind them of the sound of the Isar. The concert will be accompanied by impressive nature recordings of the water habitat Isar and its inhabitants.

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