The Forest Maker: Music, Movie & Conversation

October 23, 2023 7:00 p.m.
Central Movie Theater, Dresden

European colonial powers brought the concept of agriculture on as large and contiguous areas as possible to Africa. It replaced the small-scale farming that dominated in many places. Numerous forests and structurally rich landscapes were destroyed as a result. People are still suffering from the consequences today: seemingly endless wastes and deserts, dry springs, fertile soil worn away by wind and rain. The people were left with dust, drought and misery.

In 1981, the Australian Tony Rinaudo came to Niger as a young agricultural scientist to combat the increasing desertification and the misery of the population. His first rescue attempts with planting campaigns failed. But then he noticed a huge network of roots beneath the supposedly dead soil - a discovery that resulted in an unprecedented greening campaign and gave countless people new hope, which is the story the documentary "The Forest Maker" (2021) by Volker Schlöndorff tells.

The evening begins with musical selections played by musicians of Staatsoperette Dresden, followed by a viewing of “The Forest Maker”. After the film screening Anke Hahn will discuss her work with Dresden's OLGA project and Billy Schmidt, musician of our member orchestra Staatsoperette Dresden, will provide insight into the Orchestra of Change's reforestation project in Madagascar.

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