The Tailwind Project


Our TAILWIND (RÜCKENWIND) project supports 300 women in Andranoanala on their path to economic independence, basic medical care and social stability. Solid community structures are the guarantee for sustainable reforestation of the rainforest.

Every year 60 women from five villages receive special support. The selection is based on social criteria.



1. Training courses: sewing, weaving, seaweed cultivation, livestock breeding and vegetable cultivation

2. Allocation of starter packs: equipment, sewing machines, seeds, raw materials and premises

3. Veterinary service: treatment of animals and vaccinations

4. Setting up and establishing a savings system: based on the Village Saving and Loan Association model, self-managed saver model with a community-managed credit system (microcredits)

5. Improved access to medical care: advice, care, treatment, prevention and access to medication

6. Marketing: public relations, contact with dealers, promotional materials

7. Follow-up assessment: monitoring and evaluation


Duration of sponsorship: 5 years

Contribution: 150 euros per year

A tax deduction according to Section 10b EStG is possible. 100% of the contribution goes to our RÜCKENWIND project.

You will receive an annual status report on progress and, above all, the guarantee that everything is being implemented as described.

Sponsor Sign-Up

(PDF currently only in German available. Please contact us with any questions) 

If you believe

- that this project was developed in conversation with local women

- that the needs of the women are comprehensively incorporated into the concept

- that with this one project, 300 Malagasy women and their families will be permanently brought into better living conditions

- that sustainable reforestation of the rainforest depends on the economic stability of the local people

- that independent women are the best guarantee for a country's economic development

- that investing in the Masoala rainforest project is one of the best ways to meaningfully and sustainably compensate for your own CO2 emissions

... then there is no reason to hesitate.
Take on a sponsorship - 16 of 60 have already been reserved!

The sponsors include: 

Johanna Stämmler (Armida Quartett)

Kira Kohlmann (Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz)

Matthias Fischer (Münchner Philharmoniker)

Christine Steinkrauß

Christiane Hausser

Margit Sarholz und Werner Meier (Sternschnuppe Kinderlieder)

Dr. Barbara Schober (Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Psych., Uni Wien)

Frauke Lerchbacher

Albrecht Puhlmann (Director Nationaltheater Mannheim)

Valentin Eichler (Münchner Philharmoniker)

Johannes Beckmann (Director Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern)

Pfalzphilharmonie Kaiserslautern

Waltraud Müßig

Petra Neumahr

Dr. Peter Braun

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