Science meets Tanja Tetzlaff

November 28, 2021 8:00 p.m.
Sendesaal Radio Bremen

Sendesaal Bremen: Tanja Tetzlaff and the Alfred Wegener Institute collaborate for an intimate evening fundraising for climate and environmental protection. Musical performances with Tanja and members of the Bremer Philharmoniker are woven around short lectures from leading scientists in the field.

The music complements and expands on the research, giving a sound to the wishes and hopes that we wil, succeed in managing the climate crisis. For us it was and still is a project close to our hearts

The proceeds go to a climate project by the company ARTIK.

Tanja Tetzlaff, Cello
Musicians of the Bremer Philharmoniker
Scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute
Tickets 25 €

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