Culture Track: a case for monument protection

September 11, 2022 11:00 a.m.,1:00 p.m., & 3:00 p.m.
Botanical Garden KIT, Karlsruhe

On the occasion of the Open Monument Day, the Association of Friends and Patrons of the Botanical Garden of the KIT, together with members of the Badische Staatskapelle, invite you to visit the beautiful gardens of KIT.
Botanical tours are planned throughout the day, during which woodwind, brass and string ensembles will offer varied and atmospheric accompanying musical programs. 

The motto of the German Foundation for Monument Protection for this day is: “Culture Track (Kulturspur): a case for monument protection”.
The KIT Botanical Garden stands for a centuries-old botanical research tradition. It has always been a place where natural solutions to current ecological problems in agriculture and horticulture have been intensively and successfully sought out.
In this sense, a special “cultural tracking” case for Karlsruhe is found in the book “Emergency against lack of wax” by the Karlsruhe botanist Carl Christian Gmelin, which he published in 1817. The title of this book could be paraphrased in today's language with "What to do in the event of crop failures?". This book is to be given special recognition on the Day of the Open Monument because of its drastic parallels with today's decline in biodiversity and the negative consequences of climate change for agriculture and forestry.

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