Concert for the Fields

July 22, 2023 11:00 a.m.
Hofgut Rengoldshausen, Überlingen

The fertility of our soil is rapidly declining before our front door and worldwide. The big dilemma: Almost all food comes from the ground. In addition, it is the second largest carbon reservoir on earth after the oceans and is therefore indispensable for climate protection.

Just as the soil is the source of our physical staple food, so is music a source of mental and spiritual staple food for us. Humans need balanced nutrition on both levels to develop their potential for a healthy relationship with themselves and the world around them. With our Concert for the Fields we encourage people to take a fresh look at their own relationship to the soil and its needs. Because therein lies the key to the reversal in declining soil fertility.

The musicians of the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg put their music in the service of soil fertility and play Beethoven's 6th symphony, the so-called "Pastorale" in an open air concert at the Rengoldshausen estate in Überlingen under the direction of Roland Böer. Farmers and musicians will present ways and encourage perspectives that everyone can integrate into their own everyday lives. And of course there is a musical surprise in store!

It will be a joint festival of the farmers from the Soil Fertility Fund (Bodenfruchtbarkeitsfonds), the musicians of the Staatsphilharmonie Nürnberg and 500 guests. Children who would rather visit farm animals than quietly listen to the concert are invited to discover, play, marvel, tinker and enjoy (suitable for children from 5 to 12 years of age). For those who cannot come in person but still want to be there, we have set up a live stream. Tickets for this can also be purchased via the link below. 

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