Climate Workshop #1- For a blooming Duisburg

September 26, 2020 16:30 & 19:30

The concert hall becomes a meeting place for classical music traditions and the exchange of new innovative ideas. Enjoy beautiful music with a glass of wine and let’s talk about sustainability: How important is it to us that we conserve our “Four Seasons” as we know them? That the “Bumblebee” continues to fly outside of the concert hall? For this occasion, musicians of the Duisburger Philharmoniker will team up in various ensembles, present a colourful bouquet of music and provide you with fine wine.

In the accompanying exhibition, Duisburg-based artist Angela Schmitz presents microcosms of nature in her photography and paintings.

The proceeds from our climate workshop will help fund the project “Fruit trees between orient and occident” by the “Naturwerkstatt” club as well contribute to the planting of a crocus meadow for bees on the König-Heinrich-Platz.

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