Orchester des Wandels Chocolate Ride

100% organic, 100% fair, transported 100% emission-free, 100% delicious: our new chocolate has been made from beans sailed across the sea from the Dominican Republic to Amsterdam and delivered by cargo bike to the German concert and opera houses.

Perhaps distributing chocolate around the world by sailing ship and cargo bike will not become a standard model. But the “Schokofahrt” (Chocolate Ride) shows that it is at least possible and can also be great fun! Where do the things we buy actually come from? And how do they get to us? It's worth thinking about.

By ordering our own OdW edition, we took part in the chocolate trip, which twice a year transports more than 18,000 bars from Amsterdam to Austria, emission-free by bike. With the chocolate trip, the unique chocolate chain of the Chocolate Makers is sustainable from start to finish. “We have realized a fully sustainable chocolate chain, from bean to bar. The beans (from the Dominican Republic) are sailed to Amsterdam on the Tres Hombres sailing ship and we then use them to make delicious chocolate in our own solar-powered factory in Amsterdam.”

The cyclists on the Schokofahrt each organize their own bike tour in cooperation with retailers from their town, meeting for the start in Amsterdam at the chocolate factory. “Everyone is excited to join our adventure and be part of our adventure to make the entire cocoa chain sustainable. It's a beautiful story that everyone wants to be a part of.”

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