Stuttgarter Philharmoniker Musicians

We, the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker, have been the concert orchestra of the state capital since 1924, supported in equal parts by the city of Stuttgart and the state of Baden-Württemberg. A powerhouse of cultural education for all citizens for almost 100 years, we give our audience an emotional home. We strive to convince our audiences of the timeless relevance of music and offer cultural orientation and identification.

As a heterogeneous and international collective, we believe in the opportunities of a cosmopolitan and diverse society.  We consider it our duty to shape and support this diversity. Climate protection is an investment in the viability of our society.  We see our commitment as a founding member of “Orchester des Wandels” as an obligation to future generations.  As a large symphony orchestra, we wish to be ambassadors for our region and, together with all member orchestras, set an example for climate protection far beyond national borders.

The responsible use of resources in our everyday work is what we all strive for. In addition, we look for networking and cooperation opportunities with prominent cultural and economic figures of Stuttgart in order to have a lasting effect in the community on many levels.

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