Saarländisches Staatsorchester Musicians

In January 2019, colleagues at the Saarländisches Staatstheater (Saarland State Theater) founded a climate protection working group. They quickly found active people (including some orchestra musicians) for whom the preservation of nature is a matter close to their hearts.

The working group drew up a list of tasks. Our request to create the position of an environmental officer and to integrate climate protection into the theater's mission statement was quickly approved by the management. Under the leadership of bassoonist Katja List, we were able to implement the transformation of a green area near the theater into a bee-friendly flower meadow. With NABU, which received the proceeds from our 2020 benefit concert, we plan to install nesting boxes for birds and create more insect oases in green spaces in the city. Clarification processes are still underway for other projects, such as the plan to keep bees on the theater roof. The Corona pandemic has put the brakes on the planned waste separation in offices, corridors and the canteen for the time being.

In addition to planning smaller measures, larger measures are needed for the longer term, such as remedying the energy deficits of the theater building, which is under a preservation order. There are plans to draw up a carbon footprint for the theater - no easy task. Motion detectors have already been purchased to end the permanent lighting in the corridors and recreation rooms, as well as LED lights. Running PCs are to be automatically switched to standby mode, as their operation accounts for the largest share of the building's electricity consumption.

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