Bochumer Symphoniker Musicians

In May 2019, the Bochumer Symphoniker celebrated its centenary. The festivities took place in the Anneliese Brost Musikforum Ruhr, which opened in 2016 and came to fruition after fifteen years of tireless collaboration between the orchestra, the administration, friends of the Symphoniker and the Bochumer Symphoniker Foundation. The stylish design and brilliant acoustics of this concert hall provide refreshing motivation and additional self-confidence to the demanding, flexible and innovative orchestra, which is developing into one of the most distinguished concert orchestras in Germany.

Our orchestra features musicians from all over the world, from 23 different nations, and we are all well aware of the dramatic, destructive ways in which climate change is leaving its mark on our planet. The unanimous decision to join the "Orchester des Wandels e.V." gives us the opportunity as an orchestra to join forces and draw attention to our responsibility for this issue.

Our strongest means of communication is, of course, music. However, we also hope to optimize and energetically implement our personal and common attitude towards sustainability, renewable energy and climate protection through the cooperation of our education and administration departments, the climate protection department of the city of Bochum and various climate activist organizations in and around Bochum.

We have formed a working group and collected several core ideas for concerts and actions and hope for decreasing Covid-19 numbers to be able to realize the larger projects.

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