Orchester des Wandels - "Orchestras of Change"

Climate protection? That’s music to our ears!

We are musicians of professional orchestras in Germany.
We play for our planet Earth.
Sounds good? We think so too!
Welcome to the “Orchestras of Change”!

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Our Orchestras

*Our member orchestras are private associations of the musicians and not the public legal form of the respective orchestras.

Our Idea

As musicians, we view protection of our world as part of our cultural mission. We strive to be active in this mission and to confront the climate crisis in creative ways through music. We want to use the emotional power of music to reach and inspire people.

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Madagascar Project

The illegal cutting and trade of precious woods is a major global problem, and in some places contributes to the disappearance of, or threat to, entire ecosystems. Some of these threatened woods are used for our instruments, so the protection of these woods and their ecosystems lies near to our hearts.

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24. January 2023
Creating a new awareness

A lovely portrait of OdW by Stephan Schwarz-Peters, shared by miz-Fokus "Zukunftsmusik Klimaschutz" (German Music Information Center). "For a long time, culture thought that this topic didn't concern them," says Haider, "but we want to create a new awareness."

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12. December 2022
Concert on the sea floor

On a sunny September day in 2022, Frank Schweikert from the German Marine Foundation set course on the open sea with his research ship Aldebaran. On board: a cello quartet from the Orchester des Wandels, a film team and the Hamburg sound engineer Volker Zeigermann.

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05. December 2022
Welcome, Tanja Tetzlaff!

A warm welcome to Tanja Tetzlaff, one of Germany's most celebrated cellists, as our new musicial ambassador. "To be the new ambassador of the orchestra of change fills me with pride and hope. Through our presence on stage and in the minds of our audiences we have possibilities to arise awareness of the huge and devastating topic of climate change...

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